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Welcome to George Joell 3 Photography and Joell Portraits.  As a Portrait Artist, I am committed to providing your family with professional portraits that you would be proud to hang on your walls.  These wall portraits will be passed down for generations.
I have watched couples come together and embrace during their engagement photo sessions.  I have captured the most exciting and special day of their lives, wedding day.  I have photography mother's to be during their prenatal moments, and I have captured the first days of birth.  Photographing their families and children was the next step and the one part of being a photographer that gives me true joy. 

Now that many of my wedding clients have growing families, children and pets, the need for professional portraits is even more important.  Preserving these precious moments on digital and print media is essential.  Trusting the right person to get it right is crucial. 

Well please do not worry, I am available to capture your family, your way, on your terms.  I am the right photographer for you.  Whether the photography session is in my studio, your home, or a location of your choosing, I am committed to providing your family with the best professional portraits at a reasonable rate.  I will give your family one on one personal attention.  I will be very patient with your small children and pets.  I only schedule one family at a time and I allow plenty of time between appointments to answer any of your questions.  You will not be rushed or pressured into purchasing something you don't want or need.  Your session fee and minimum order will insure that I am compensated for my work.  I look forward to meeting you and your family and I can't wait to photograph them and create a one of a kind master piece.

Call me today at 910-797-1529 to schedule your family portrait session.  When you call, just ask for George. 

** Sizzling Hot Summer 2018 Special **

30 minutes mini studio session
Unlimited poses
Families up to 5 members


One hour session at Cape Fear Botanical Garden
Unlimited poses
Multiple locations throughout the garden


One hour session at your favorite location in or around Fayetteville NC
Unlimited Poses
Multiple locations throughout the City.(May include the CFBG and Downtown Fayetteville)


10 of your favorite images delivered to you digitally
10 Facebook images (same as above)
100% Complete editing ready to print

Additional digital images are $65.00 each



2-5 Family members ($30.00 for additional family members and $35.00 pet deposit)
1 hours photos session with unlimited poses
Multiple clothes and backdrop changes
100% editing of all print orders
10% military discount on print packages (active duty, reserves, & retirees)


Mother-to-be, father-to-be, & sibling-to-be
Within the 3rd trimester
1 hour session
100% editing of all print orders


2-3 hour session
Location of choice (within 25 miles of studio)
Multiple clothes change
5 Facebook images (Artist Choice)                                                                                                                                                Minimum $300.00 print order

WALL PORTRAITS - All wall portraits have either a luster coating or metallic finish.  Linin finish may be added at no additional charge.  Wall portraits are mounted on a foam board for easy handling and framing.
Our pricing is straightforward and to the point.  Just select a package which comes with a set amount of purchase credits and select your portraits.  Portraits are broken down into gift portraits, desk portraits, and wall portraits.  All like portraits use the same amount of credits.  Every purchase credit equals $30.00

All American Collections = $300.00 or 10 credits
EXAMPLE: All American Collection ($300 or 10 Credits)
1 - 11x14 Portrait  (4 credits)
1 - 8x10 Desk Portrait         (2 credits)
2 - 5x7s Desk Portraits       (2 credits)
3 - 4x6s Desk Portraits        (2 credits)
3 Digital Images

Family Fun Collections = $450.00 or 15 credits and 5 bonus credits
EXAMPLE:  Family Fun (20 Credits)
1 – 16x20 Portrait                 (8 credits)
2 - 8x10 Desk Portrait         (4 credits)
4 - 5x7s Desk Portraits       (4 credits)
3 - 4x6s Desk Portraits        (2 credits)
16 – Wallets   (2 Credit)
4 Digital Images

Silver Family Collection = $600.00 or 20 Credits and 6 bonus credits
EXAMPLE: Silver Family Collection (26 credits)
1 – 20x24 Large Wall Portrait      (8 credits)
2- 11x14 Wall Portraits   (8 credits)
2 - 8x10 Desk Portrait         (4 credits)
2 - 5x7s Desk Portraits      (2 credits)
3 - 4x6s Desk Portraits      (2 credits)
16 – Wallets       (2 credit)
6 Digital Images

Gold Family Collection = $750.00 or 25 and 7 bonus credits
EXAMPLE: Gold Family Collection (32 Credits)
1 – 24x36 Large Wall Portrait      (16 credits)
2 – 11 x 14 Wall Portraits  (8 Credits)
2 - 8x10 Desk Portrait         (2 credits)
2 - 5x7s Desk Portraits       (2 credits)
3 - 4x6s Desk Portraits       (2 credits)
16 – Wallets       (2 credit)
7 Digital Images

Platinum Family Collection = $995.00 or 34 credits and 10 bonus credits
EXAMPLE: Platinum Family Collection (44 Credits) 
1 – 24x36 Large Canvas Wall Portrait      (16+9=25 credits)
2 - 8x10 Desk Portrait         (4 Credits)
4 - 5x7s Desk Portraits   (4 credits)
12 - 4x6s Desk Portraits       (8 credits)
24 – Wallets       (3 credit)
10 Digital Images


Gift Portraits = $30 or 1 credit
8 wallets
16 mini wallets

Desk Portraits = $60 or 2 credits
3 x 4x6
2 x 5x7
1 x 8x10

Small Wall Portraits - $120 or 4 credits
1 x 11x14
1 x 10x20

Medium Wall Portraits = 240 or 8 credits
1 x 16x20
1 x 20 x 24

Large Wall Portraits = 480 or 16 credits
1x 20-x30
1 x 24 x36

Canvas added to portrait = 9 credits

Custom framing is available.  Ask for details.  All collections and prices are subject to changes.  Call 910-797-1529 and ask for George for an appointment and the current prices.