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About Us

Hello and welcome to George Joell 3 Photography.  My name is George and I am honored to be able to provide professional photography service to the Fayetteville North Carolina, Raleigh North Carolina, Fort Bragg North Carolina, and surrounding North Carolina and South Carolina Cities to include Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach.  

As a Retired Army First Sergeant and Veteran, I truly understand the need to capture and preserve the special moments that life gives us. Whether it is an engagement portrait session, bridal portrait session, wedding ceremony, family portraits, maternity session, newborn or child portraits, or a special event like a birthday, prom, or military ball, having the right person to capture that event is very important. I believe that I am that person.

I can remember my own wedding when I barely arrived just one day prior. I was in Advance Military training and was initially denied the opportunity to take leave to get married. To make a long story short, the power of a mother's determination and a 2 Star General made my presence possible. That day was so special, that I could not imagine not having it recorded in photographs, preserved for a lifetime.  My Fiancee' (now lovely wife of 30 years), mother, mother-in-law, and family members planned an amazing wedding and reception. The event was so spectacular and full of joy. I can remember the day so vividly with the aid of our beautiful wedding albums and portraits. Without those images, most of the event would have been a blur.  My cousin paid for a professional wedding photographer to capture every detail of our wedding day as a gift, and he was the best. Like I often tell the story, if I could locate him today, I would purchase every negative that he owns of our event. Our wedding album is still one of the best albums in our house. He is still my hero and was worth every dime.  I owe my cousin so much for her generosity.  

It is sometimes hard to imagine spending so much money for a photographer to capture a snap shot in time, until the special people who we care for the most are no longer around. That is what happened to me.  After the passing of my Grandparents, Mother, Step-Father and Father-In-Law, the realization of not seeing them again hit me hard. The only way I was going to see them again was to revisit my wedding album and other photos over and over again. That is when it really hit me how important it is to capture every detail of other's special events. That is when I realized that I have a very important job and that I better not take what I do for granted. That is when I realized what being a professional was all about. That is when I realized that I never want to tell a couple or family that I missed capturing a detail that they entrusted in me.

Therefore, I have pledge to provide the best professional photography service that I am capable of providing. I will strive to continue to learn and grow as a photographer and when new products and services come available, I will seek them for my clients. I will work hard to shorten my turn-around time, and work to keep the cost of photography affordable for the average client. This is my pledge and promise to you. You can trust that I will deliver the same service to you and your family as I did for my country as a U.S Army Paratrooper. Call us today at 910-797-1529 or visit us at 7716 Raeford Rd, Suite C, Fayetteville NC, 28304 so that we can plan to preserve your memories today.